Dutch Liver Retreat 2024



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NVH members received their personal invitation to register for the DLR 2024 by e-mail.

Abstract submission (closed)
Deadline: november 10th, 2023. You'll be informed about your abstract submission before 1st of December. 

Cancellation policy
Free cancellation is possible up to 14 days (January 18th) before the conference, after which the full conference costs will be charged. 

Organization committee of the DLR 2024
Hans Jonker
André Boonstra
Louis Penning
Victoria Palasantzas
Monique Appelman


General information
Date:  1 & 2 February 2024
Location:  De Werelt, Lunteren

Secretariat NASL
E. congres@nvh.nl
T. 023 - 5513016